20 Jul

Piazza San Marco e Palazzo Ducale

St. Mark’s square is one of Europe’s most fascinating drawungs rooms, it  was the political heart of the city in the years that made Venice enter the history books. The basilica was the private chapel of the Doge and the place where the most important state ceremonies took place. It has always been on international tourism destination, it is known the world over for its gold Byzantine style mosaics and its art treasures from the East, such as the Golden altar-piece and the gold plated bronze horses located on the loggia. The Ducal Palace, which is currently one of the city’s most important museums, had many functions in the past: it was the seat of government, the couthouse and the residence of the Doge. It is one of the utmost examples of the gothoc Venetian style, it houses forms of art that date back  to wealthy era of the Most Serene Republic of Venice.