21 Jul

A walk through the Cannareggio District

A walk admist the stalls and stores of the crowded Strada Nova, will lead you through three parallel canals to the church dedicated to Madonna dell’Orto. This elegant late Gothic style building overlooks a terracotta-tiled courtyard with a fish-tail pattern, one of the few examples of this typical ancient paving art that still remain in the city. It is here that jacopo Robusti, a famous artist who later become known as Tintoretto, was born and lived and he is buried in this church, where some of his best masterpieces can be admired. After this visit, crossing a characteristic cost-iron bridge will lead you into the Ghetto, one of the many little island that make up Venice, which  was destined for Jews between 1516 and 1797. You can visit the synagogue by making reservations for one of the scheduled daily tours at the Jewish Museum.